These are abbreviated instructions. When you buy the plans, they include complete instructions both for building the jigs and for using them to cut accurate notches.

Step 1. Cut the log about 4-5 inches longer than the finish length. Snap a line down the center of the exterior face of the log. Align the center of the jigs with the line and to the required length

Step 2. Fasten the jigs to the log with drywall screws.

Step 3. Cut the notches out with the chainsaw. The saw guides allow the saw to follow the jig without damaging it.

The fun part- stacking the logs!

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Why do I need to buy plans?

Buying the Plans saves you time and wasted materials. Would you rather be cutting logs or figuring out geometry? 

When you order plans, tell me the log size and desired gap and I will do the calculations for you.

In less than 2 hours, you can build your jigs and not waste any time or materials working out the geometry. 

You can be sure your jigs will produce the results you want.