11x15 cabin build part 7

I had hoped to find some old window sashes for the cabin since any modern window just wouldn't look right. I couldn't find any so I built my own.

The windows sashes are sized to be the same size as the window frame opening dimension. After they are completed, they can be trimmed slightly with the table saw to the exact size needed to fit in the opening. I decided to hinge the small window in the back wall so that it could swing inward.

Here is how the sashes were built...

First the frame which is made up of 1 3/4 x 2 1/2 pine roughsawn lumber. The wood should be very dry and straight. After I cut these to size, only one face still had the rough sawn surface. This would go on the outside.


The frame is assembled with bridle joints. I cut the joints on the table saw with a dado set. The muntin notches should be cut before gluing the frame together.

The muntins are 1 3/4 x 1/2 inch. They are half lapped in the center and are cut to be 1/2 inch longer than the interior dimensions of the frame. The frame is notched to receive the ends of the muntins.

Here is a photo of the muntins after nailing in quarter round moulding. The moulding is recessed slightly in the 4 openings. Later, I installed glass panes. I used some silicone caulk and quarter round on the inside to hold the panes in place.

When staining wood that has some rough sawn faces and some smoother cut faces, apply the stain fairly heavy then wipe off the excess with a rag. The rough faces absorb more stain which gives a nice weathered look.

Here the door is hung temporarily until the forged hinges arrive. The front window is installed by trapping it in the opening with some simple stop moulding.


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