11x15 cabin build part 3

Two logs are 22' feet long. These will extend beyond the front wall about 6 feet for a small porch and beyond the back wall by about 1 foot. The rafters will go on these logs. The notches for these longer logs are not near the end. To make the notches, the plywood end block is removed from the jig which allows it to slide down the log to the proper location. The jigs have to be fastened at the same spacing as was used for all of the 15' logs cut previously.

The photo above shows me cutting the underside notch. Nothing different here- this is the same way the other notches were cut.

However, for the upper notch, the saw can not enter the log from the end so it is necessary to make multiple cuts perpendicular to the notch surface. The cuts shown above were made with the jig in place. The jig provided a "stop" to keep from cutting too deep. 

Some chisel work and the notch is finished.

 As luck would have it, this notch happened to be right where a knot was. This is a weak area anyway so I will have to be careful when working on the porch roof to make sure this log is well supported.

.The tractor makes quick work of setting these logs.

Notice that I did use short logs on the front wall to form a small opening. This allowed me to use some shorter logs I had leftover as well as giving access to the inside. Later, I will enlarge this opening for the door and cut openings for windows.

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