11x15 cabin build part 2

Once all 4 bottom logs were set, the floor joist go in. The two long logs on the sides are sawn to be 7"x10" beams. The tops of the floor joists are flush with the top of these logs. 

The joists are supported on a 2x4 ledger. Three nails in the ledger under each joist and three nails toenail the joist into the beam.

Since I wanted a rustic look for the cabin, I did not want all the logs to be uniform dimension. All of the logs are 7" thick but the vertical dimension varies. I used the sawmill to cut all 4 sides. Another option would have been to just cut two sides and leave the other two round.

Here is the way the logs were sawn for this cabin:

The first cut opens up one flat face of the log.

The log is then turned 90 degrees on the sawmill

As I make this second pass, I am slowly raising and lowering the sawhead at random.

The log is then rolled 90 degrees again and the second flat cut is made. In the photo above you can see the two flat faces and the one wavy side. The 4th cut is also a wavy cut.
Below are a few logs sawn and ready for notching.

After the logs were notched, I used a small hand held electric planer to plane the inside faces. I used kind of a gouging technique for a rustic look. It will be easier to dust the inside of the cabin logs since they are mostly smooth.

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